Porosity Building [Jjy]

LOCATION: 2857 Jujuy St. - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Marcelo Mirani



Andrés Acosta [Project Manager]

Francisco Valdez [Project Manager]

Rodrigo Salgado [Construction Manager]

Julián Del Bianco

Eduardo Dipré

Agustín Ramonda


Str. Engrs. Leandro Nardi & Andrés González Theiler


YEAR 2017



The project is located in Pichincha, a neighborhood near the central area of ​​the city, traditionally residential, which currently allows low and compact buildings (13.65m high with minimum yards of 4m side). Therefore, the building is designed as a porous mass, progressively drilled through a succession of strategies that determine different gradients of porosity: First, multiple small patios are used, taking advantage of the neighborhood regulations, sharing the idiosyncrasy of 'houses with small patios', without the need to leave 9 meters between internal towers. Secondly, the balconies are penetrated, always worked as recesses of the skin of the building. In the third term, the perimeter windows are conceived as cut-outs in the dividing and façade walls. Finally, following the same concept, tambourine bricks are used for the wrapping skin placing the load grimace visible, exacerbating the porosity effect of the building.


The contact with the public space is solved through a ground floor completely freed of hard programs, occupied in its entirety by garages. Only the circulation core reaches the ground generating an open hall, without physical limits, which takes off the building from the ground. On the roof, common spaces are placed, with a panoramic view of the neighborhood and the rest of the city.